Penalty point holders must come clean to insurers

Motorists who have accumulated a high number of penalty points but not disclosed them could see their insurance policies cancelled when insurers get access to national driver files later this year.

Ten insurers are set to have access to the penalty points information which will include details of the nature of the offences involved. Industry body Insurance Ireland is already warning that drivers with six points or more who have not disclosed them when taking out cover are facing premium hikes of up to 25pc.

However, Jonathan Hehir, director of insurance broker, said drivers with eight points or more could find themselves without cover. “If you have eight or 10 points and 
your insurance company are not aware of it, my gut feeling would tell me, you are going to 
have your policy cancelled and you are going to struggle to find a new insurer to take you on,” he said.

Any compulsory cancellation of a policy would have to be disclosed to the next insurance company. Mr Hehir advised drivers with undisclosed penalty points to “come clean” to their insurer now.

Ciaran Phelan, chief executive of the Irish Brokers Association, said the new system would be good for consumers by reducing fraud.

Irish Independent

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