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Mortgage Protection and Inheritance Tax for Cohabiting Couples

Author: Royal London 06/07/2020

According to the 2016 census, there are over 152,000 cohabiting couples living in Ireland¹. As you know, even though a cohabiting couple live together, may own a property together and possibly have children together, in the eyes of Revenue they are treated as ‘strangers’ when it comes to inheritance tax.

With a current inheritance tax threshold of €16,250for cohabiting couples, this can result in an unexpected and unwelcome tax bill for the surviving partner, should the worst happen.

While many cohabiting couples put mortgage protection in place to ensure the mortgage is cleared upon the death of a partner, what they may not fully understand is how Revenue will treat the inheritance of the property by the surviving partner. Who owned the property; how...

5 Step Guide to Pensions Made Simple

Will you have enough money to enjoy your retirement or will you be faced with a gap in your funds?

Whether you have a family, whether you’re at home or in employment,  a secure financial future will ensure you can enjoy your retirement  Have you given pension planning any thought yet?  A new online calculator can help you find out if you’ll have a gap in your funds when you retire. Ireland now has the third largest pension gap in Europe, an average of €12,200 per year per person*. This is the difference between what most people expect to live on in their retirement – and what they currently make provision for. So if you expect to live on €2000 a month, currently an average Irish person is only...
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