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Preparing your home before a storm

Photo by Raine Nectar from Pexels

Preparing your home before a storm

When the weather takes a turn for the worst, storms can cause havoc. From loose roof tiles to smashed windows or broken TV aerials, there are lots of ways a storm can cause damage. But with a little preparation you could help to reduce the potential for damage – and save yourself some money and some stress in the process.

Before a storm

  • Take care of the trees. Contact your Local Authority to see if any trees are protected first, but remove any loose or overhanging branches from trees that could cause damage. And if you know a storm’s coming, it’s worth putting your car in a garage or somewhere relatively safe, away from tall trees completely.
  • Get the garden ready. Secure or lock away loose...
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Driving safely in heavy rain and flooding

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels Driving safely in heavy rain and flooding Courtney of Aviva
We’re all used to the odd shower, but when it’s raining cats and dogs, driving may become significantly more difficult. Follow these tips to help you drive safely in adverse weather conditions.

Driving in heavy rain

  • Slow down – When roads are wet, stopping a vehicle takes longer than normal. Reduce your speed and leave a decent amount of space between you and the vehicle in front
  • As most cars tend to be quite close to the ground, if you were to hit standing water it may feel like hitting a stationary object. This could easily lead to you losing control over the vehicle
  • Reducing your speed will also reduce the likelihood of water entering the engine and consequently cutting...
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Driving safely in icy conditions

Driving safely in icy conditions Courtesy of Aviva
The cold winter months bring along the much loved festive season, but also hazardous driving conditions. Dark nights, slippery roads and extreme weather increase the risk of having an accident or damaging your car. Whether you’re rushing around finishing off your Christmas shopping or driving to a friend’s house for a New Year’s Party, follow these tips we’ve put together to ensure you stay safe while driving in difficult conditions.

Before you begin your journey

  • Keep an eye on local weather updates and check traffic reports in your area.
  • Main roads are more likely to have been gritted, try and use these if possible.
  • Avoid secondary roads or high ground where possible as roads here tend to be more icy.
  • Let somebody know about your journey and...
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