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The Rising Cost Of Car Insurance Published by First Ireland Date: 14/10/2016
There has been a lot of media attention regarding the rising costs of motor insurance. Understandably, this is an issue which has caused a lot of frustration for many drivers, both young and old alike.   According to CSO Figures for September 2016, motor insurance premiums have seen an average increase of 25.2% in the last twelve months. This is on top of the rate increases experienced in the previous year. Many reasons have been attributed to this substantial premium hike. There are a number of factors combining to cause these increases, including;
  • Previously low levels of premium resulting in poor returns for Insurers
  • The knock on effect of insurer collapses and impact on the Insurance Compensation Fund
  • Capital strengthening requirements faced by Insurers
  • Increased Fraud
  • Increased legal costs and court awards
  • Uninsured vehicles
  • Lower...
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5 Step Guide to Pensions Made Simple

Will you have enough money to enjoy your retirement or will you be faced with a gap in your funds?

Whether you have a family, whether you’re at home or in employment,  a secure financial future will ensure you can enjoy your retirement  Have you given pension planning any thought yet?  A new online calculator can help you find out if you’ll have a gap in your funds when you retire. Ireland now has the third largest pension gap in Europe, an average of €12,200 per year per person*. This is the difference between what most people expect to live on in their retirement – and what they currently make provision for. So if you expect to live on €2000 a month, currently an average Irish person is only...
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