Irish Independent
  • Motor premiums up 20pc on last year
  • Rises to continue for at least another year
  • Aviva unable to to predict when increase will stop
Drivers and homeowners face another year of premium rises despite insurers reducing their losses.
Both RSA and Aviva said that claims for motoring accidents remained a problem, with Aviva unable to say when premiums would stop rising.
Motor premiums are up around 20pc in the past year, with motoring experts predicting at least another year of rises.
Chief executive of the Irish Brokers Association Ciaran Phelan warned drivers to expect more hikes.
"The recent motor premium increases of approximately 20pc over the last 12 months have reduced the loss-making in the sector, but there is still the probability of further increases over the coming months," he said.
Motor premiums have now...
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